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Th Inside Tanyth Berkeley

Beyond the portrait
Milan 2005
Th Inside
Young American Photographers
Tanyth Berkeley

Beyond the portrait
TH Inside
November 2005

Noise Berlin - Milan


“NOISE” is inspired by the perception of sound and merges the worlds of images and music. The exhibition's title is an invitation to not only look at the photographs, but to also experience the sounds that live within them.

The suggestive power of music has always fascinated a large number of people in a variety of disciplines, including art and cinema. To paraphrase a quote from artist Wim Wenders about his film, Lisbon Story: “The purpose of the film was to demonstrate that sounds help you see things differently.” To this end, this exhibition is inspired by the evocative power of “reflected” sounds or sounds “expressed” through images.

The exhibition highlights the way the artists emotionally express music’s influence on their frame of mind and how it has contributed to their aesthetic choices. Music often conjures up subconscious emotions referring to one’s past. The artists express how this evocative ability is primarily associated with personal experience and only secondarily associated with the quality of the music to that which one is listening.

The sound-photography connection is also reflected in the rhythm with which the exhibition has been curated. Images with a literal association to music are contrasted with more evocative and conceptual works, while images of people and places alternate with photographs of objects or architecture. Classical images are also interspersed which reflect a more documentary and less conventional photographic genre.