sabato 6 settembre 2008

TH Inside: Waiting for "States of Mind"

TH INSIDE was developed out of Tommy Hilfiger’s desire to support and exhibit up and coming young American photographers throughout Europe. Since its inception in 2005 TH INSIDE has grown in visibility, and is well regarded by professionals within the international photographic industry.

Since its inception in 2005, TH INSIDE has been presented in Tommy Hilfiger Europe’s art exhibition space located adjacent to its freestanding store at no. 2/A Piazza Oberdan in Milan.
Tommy Hilfiger launched the first exhibition, Beyond the Portrait, Young American Photography, with the participation of some of the most talented and emerging artists of today, including Alec Soth and Jona Frank.

The second exhibition, Think Twice, Young American Photography, determined the strength of TH INSIDE as a European benchmark for the diffusion of American photographic culture, thanks to the works of great artists such as Kevin Cooley and Dan Torop.

In April 2007, TH INSIDE returned to the Milanese art scene with its third exhibition NOISE, inspired by the concept of the perception of sound. The title of the show is an invitation to not only view the photographs, but to experience the sounds that live within them. For the first time since the project’s inception, TH INSIDE was shown in Berlin, outside of its home city of Milan.

The inspiration behind the fourth edition ‘States of Mind’ is to examine existing representations of iconic America, which is achieved through the visual expressions of seven talented, young photographers. Their interpretations of American iconography are presented through the juxtaposition of images in their work. ‘States of Mind’ will be launched in Brussels at the end of October, the show moves on to stop in Copenhagen and Miami.

All shows have been curated by Elena Bordignon, expert in photographic art and talent scout for young artists for TH INSIDE.

TH Inside: Waiting for "States of Mind"

Waiting for "States of Mind"